Shelbi Chic Is Closed


I probably should have posted this a while ago. But better late than never I suppose. There are a lot of reasons for me to not continue on with this blog. Firstly, I can't fund a solely beauty and fashioned-based blog. Secondly, there aren't enough hours in the day for me to commit to a blog/blog schedule with school taking up a huge chunk of my time. Thirdly, I think I always lacked direction with Shelbi Chic. I never really sat down and thought about I wanted to write about. And finally, I think I got too swept away with the 'competition' of it all and trying to fit in with other blogs rather than simply taking inspiration from them but still doing my own thing.

Having said that, I really have missed blogging. I miss the creative outlet that it once was for me. I miss tweaking my template. And trying to come up with post ideas. And just the genuine fun I had with it when I first started.

So perhaps its time to start again. Not to delete this blog - because I could never do that. Too much work has gone into it regardless of how terrible my photos are. But maybe it's time for a new blog. Something to have fun with again. Instead of trying to make something of it. Because blogging should just be that: fun. And enjoyable. And creative.

Stay tuned folks...