My Top 5 Lipsticks For Summer


This post is a little belated but it's still Summer here in Australia so I think I can get away with it. Today I'm sharing my five favourite lipsticks for the warmer months.

Maybelline Colour Sensational 900 Pink Pop
I would describe this colour as the perfect Barbie pink. It's a super bright colour but quite a cool pink with blueish undertones, so I doubt that this lipstick would work on warm undertones. While it's bright, I don't necessarily think it's too over-the-top. It works well with a light contour and a few coats of mascara.

Revlon Moon Drops Lipstick 704 Peach Silk
This lipstick is a vibrant, almost burnt orange - it doesn't look it in the swatch above but certainly is on the lips. I personally love orange the most against my neutral skin tone, so this is a colour I turn too quite a lot.

Maybelline Colour Sensational 5th Ave Fuchsia
This one is relatively new to my collection but I adore it so much. I love the colour's boldness and richness, and its creamy formula seals the deal for me. If I'm in the mood for a bit of glossiness I like to put Rimmel London's Apocalips Lip Lacquer in Nova over the top.

Estee Lauder Pure Colour 14 Rose Petal Creme Crystal Lipstick
I wear this lipstick quite a bit throughout the entire year but I love it for Summer because I tend to wear my makeup lighter most of the time. And while I love a bold lip, sometimes I just prefer a more muted shade. Rose Petal is a dusty, soft pink with a satin finish. It's just a really gorgeous, feminine shade that goes well with various eye looks.

Maybelline Colour Sensational 420 Coral Pop
I just noticed how similar this one looks to the Revlon lipstick when swatched. But I feel the two look quite different on. This lipstick, as the name suggests, is a lot more coral, or even watermelon-y, than orange. I think this one is slightly warmer than the Revlon colour and so would go well with warm and neutral undertones.

If you haven't already, make sure you check out my top five lipsticks for Winter here. I know some people don't believe in the whole bright-lipsticks-in-Summer-and-darker-lipsticks-in-Winter rule but I personally do. I just think that our skin tones change depending on the season and so some colours suit us better at different times of the year.

I'd love to hear what some of your favourite lipsticks for Summer are. Leave them in the comments below.