Life Lately


My widool poochie Mia trying to stay cool inside on the sofa.

February. What a month! A lot of it has been spent trying to escape the heat and humidity that has decided to show up in the last month of Summer - I am definitely looking forward to Autumn and Winter. Even little Mia is hating the weather and is spending her days either spread out on the grass, passed out in her kennel or inside, taking up an entire sofa. I don't know why Mother Nature has spared us the last two months and is punishing us now but I sure hope she cools things down soon.
"Love is the beauty of the soul." - St Augustine

Valentine's Day was great - I celebrated my singleness. Not really. I just worked on my blog and did some calligraphy. In no way do I see being unattached on February 14 as depressing or something to feel embarrassed about. While it would be nice to share this day with a special someone, I have totally embraced single life over the last three or so years because I have realised that I am happier on my own than in a relationship. At least for now. People make being single out to be something to be ashamed of - that couldn't be more opposite for me at this stage of my life. Happiness is up to you, it's not up to somebody else.

Stationery shopping is my favourite activity in the entire world - seriously, I love it more than makeup and clothes shopping. I needed a few supplies for school, so a trip to Officeworks was in order. I picked up a few display folders, because I like having important documents in hard copy, and some colourful notepads because stationery should be fun as well as practical. I got a purple single hole punch - which I named Violet - so I can customise my kikki.K planner a little more and a hot beverage tumbler so I can bring hot chocolate, coffee or tea from home with me in the morning when I go back to school.

Mum, the sister and I also popped into Ikea because we're obsessed with it. We actually ended up buying quite a few items. It was so hard to resist buying more candles though. I purchased the Lack table to use as part of my new photography set-up. I love using my bedside table but the Lack table is square and larger, allowing me to better style my photos and I'm loving it already.

And speaking of photos, I finally took the plunge and bought a proper camera - so now I can wave goodbye to terrible iPhone photos. It's not a fancy DSLR or anything because I honestly couldn't imagine spending that much on a camera at this point. Instead, I opted for the Canon Powershot S120 in black from Kogan which, according to my (photographer) sister, is a pretty good and relatively cheaper option for what I'm looking for in a camera.

I am now a brown-haired gal again. As much as I adore black hair on me, it was time for a change since I've had the black for about four years now. I hadn't dyed my hair in 10 months so I had quite a few inches of re-growth, which wasn't looking pleasant. I had never bleached my hair before so I was incredibly apprehensive even though I have an amazing hairdresser who knows my hair better than I do. But we did a super gentle peroxide bath and dyed it my natural colour. Although there are warm, brassy tones coming through, I'm actually really happy with the result and my hair doesn't even feel damaged which is a major plus.
Excited to start my Diploma of Interior Design & Decoration.

I start my interior design and decoration course on Monday. I'm so excited for this new chapter to begin. But my excitement is partly overwhelmed by worry and anxiety about what's going to happen and what's expected of me over the next 18 months. And then about what happens after I get my diploma. I based my entire decision to undertake this course not only on my love and passion for interiors and styling but also on the premise that this would allow me to get a job, a career, that I don't dread going to every day. Competition is fierce and I am terrified of the unknown. But I have to not think about that right now and enjoy every moment of this course. Anyway, I had orientation yesterday and I really love the campus, so I'm looking forward to my first day.

Lastly, I've been back on Differin for almost four months and it has made my skin throw up - I've had a pretty bad purge, unlike anything I ever imagined. I thought I made it through unscathed but then around the one month mark all the whiteheads and blackheads arrived which then turned, and still are turning, into delightfully large and sore red bumps. So, I've been wearing no makeup because makeup combined with this ridiculously humid Summer we've been having is sure to only make things worse. It's starting to calm down though, so I'm hopeful that my skin will return to normal soon. But this explains the lack of makeup tutorials on the blog.

I've been really conflicted with the idea of whether or not I should continue with Shelbi Chic. On the one hand, it would be a shame for me to throw it all away because I work really hard on my posts and my layout. But on the other hand, this blog isn't growing the way I thought it would, which is making me feel really unmotivated. I never came into this expecting hundreds, or even thousands, of followers. Especially not in the first year. But I did expect it to grow a little each month. And it's simply not. Maybe I'm just not cut out to be a blogger. With that said, I've decided I'm going to take a step back from Shelbi Chic. I'll still be posting here and there. But it certainly won't be frequent. I could never delete this blog - too much effort and too many hours have gone into it. I think I just need to take a break and put my energy into other things at the moment.

Until next time...