Ben Nye Neutral Set Colourless Powder


It's only in the last few months that I decided I should look into setting powders. While my Estee Lauder Double Wear holds up incredibly well, I was curious to see if a setting powder would allow it to last even longer. On its own, my foundation looks almost as fresh at the end of the day as it does when I first put it on. This, of course, is dependent on how dry or moisturised my skin is - on a good day, there is usually only some slight cracking on the chin area and creasing under the eyes while on a dry day it tends to settle and cling to dry patches a little more noticeably.

What first drew me to Ben Nye is the limited amount of ingredients used in this powder, none of which are comedogenic - hard to find when it comes to powders. What appealed to me next is the fact that this powder is actually aimed towards theatre and circus performers who need a good setting powder to prevent their makeup from fading and so forth under hot stage lights. I tend to sweat quite easily on my face, and this has been made worse by the humid Summer we've been having here in Melbourne, Australia. So, I need a product that I can rely on 100 per cent to ensure my makeup isn't going to slide off my face.

When I first opened the product, I was a little confused as to how the powder actually comes out - maybe I was having a blonde day? For some reason, I just assumed it was going to come with a sifter. But basically you just have to stab something pointed into the little circle imprints and voila!

The powder is incredibly fine, like baby powder but without scent, and provides a very matte finish. So, if you have oily skin, I highly recommend this powder. I feel that it also blurs imperfections and leaves the skin looking really smooth and flawless - overall it really improves the look of the skin.

In terms of applying it to the brush, there are a couple ways you can do this. You can either pour some into the cap - just make sure you keep it clean between uses - or you can tap some directly onto the brush. I apply the powder to my T-zone and under-eye area. Because I'm not currently using a highlighter and the extreme mattifying finish of this powder, I prefer not to apply it over my entire face as I feel it would leave my face looking far too flat.

So, what's the verdict? I LOVE IT!! I honestly don't know how I lived without it. I absolutely love how it makes my skin look - it just makes it look really soft and supple. But most importantly it does what it says it's going to do. The cracking on my chin and creasing under my eyes is significantly minimised on a dry-skin day and basically non-existent on a good day. My makeup looks even more fresh by the end of the day and certainly hasn't budged when it comes time to taking it off. It even works well to keep oily eyelids in check. No breakouts and no irritation to my sensitive skin makes this product a must-have for me, particularly on hot and humid days.

I purchased my Ben Nye powder from Scotty's Makeup & Beauty for $10 plus $11 postage, which I think is a bit steep. But for a total of $21, I still think it is excellent value for money considering high-end powders can cost quite a lot more. And one thing to remember with this product is that a little goes a very long way, so this 49 gram tub is set to last you a while - of course this depends on how often you use it.

Have you used the Ben Nye Neutral Set Colourless Powder, or any other Ben Nye powders? How do you like them?