Summer Essentials


Summer (unfortunately) arrived almost a week ago here in Australia. December through to February are my most dreaded months of the year due to the weather. So, I've put together a list of items that I can't live without during the warm months. These are my absolute essentials which make Summer a little more bearable for me.

Le Tan Coconut Oil SPF 30+ - $8.99
This product allows you to achieve a natural glow while protecting and hydrating your skin in order to help prevent peeling and dryness. It contains a very high protective sunscreen and provides broad spectrum UVA and UVB protection, which means you can say farewell to horrible sunburn. As you may have guessed by the name, it has a perfect coconut scent. Le Tan's Coconut Oil is an essential for me on beach days especially. It does leave the skin quite shiny but I love that it does that because I feel it gives me a nice glow and dewiness.

Le Tan Body Bronzer - $10.99
This product has a wash-off formula and gives your skin a radiant glow. I am unable to use any self-tanner that stays on the skin for a prolonged period of time because I am allergic to DHA - the ingredient that keeps your fake tan on your skin and gives off that weird smell. No matter how gentle or natural a brand claims its DHA to be, I just can't use it. But thankfully I found Le Tan's Body Bronzer and I absolutely adore it. It leaves you with luminous skin and the only way I can describe the smell is bronze, it just smells bronze!

Avene Thermal Spring Water - $9.99
This is my favourite product in the whole entire universe. If you can only buy one product out of the ones in this post, this is it - it will change your life. The feeling of a hot, sweaty face is the worst but this will fix it. It will neutralise redness, rid your face of perspiration and provide a cooling sensation. This is also a great cure for heat rash and hives on the face. I always keep the travel size in my handbag and I suggest you do the same in Summer because it will be your best friend.

Sun & Swim Leave-In Conditioner
This leave-in conditioner helps guard against irreversible environmental  damage caused by sun, wind, salt water, humidity and pollution. Formulated with advanced UVA and UVB filters, wheat proteins and amino acids, it will replenish moisture and help strengthen hair, leaving it soft, silky and tangle-free. I think it's especially important to use some sort of protective spray if you colour your hair but this Sun & Swim Conditioner is suitable for all hair types as it is lightweight. It doesn't seem like this brand is available anymore in Australia but there are number of different products available that are similar.

Plunkett's Certified Organic Aloe Vera - $13.99
Containing 99% pure aloe vera gel, this product is perfect as an after sun application to help minimise peeling from sunburn and to sustain a longer tan. It works great as a skin refresher which is light, effective easy to apply and readily absorbed. I like to use aloe vera as a body moisturiser during the warmer months due to the cooling sensation it leaves on the skin.

Off! Insect Repellent Spray - $7.87
Off! repels mosquitoes, flies, sandflies and other biting insects for up to four hours. It's formula is gentle, softly scented and non greasy. I think we can all agree that mosquito bites are horrible and I do everything in my power to prevent them. This stuff is amazingly effective and I can't ever recall getting bitten when using it.

Ben Nye Neutral Set Colourless Powder - $12
I have only used this setting powder on the few warm days I've been out and about in thus far but I am already in love. It sets your makeup perfectly and eliminates that heavy feeling concealer sometimes gives, particularly under the eyes. Because this is made for and used by circus and theatre performers, it prevents sweat from breaking up your makeup - you will look flawless all day. The powder is so fine and a little goes a long way, so even this small container would last you at least a year if you wear makeup everyday.

Dettol Antiseptic Cream - $3.39/Bepanthen - $7.99
Now, I bet you're wondering why I have first aid products as part of my Summer essentials. Well, that would be because they're not just great for healing cuts, minor burns and scrapes - they are also effective in treating bug bites, heat rash and hives. They are really soothing, relieve itching and reduce redness.

Cocobella Coconut Water - $6.66
Coconut water is naturally rich in essential electrolytes - potassium, calcium, sodium, magnesium, phosphorous - which makes it a great source of hydration. I have never been a fan of plain ol' tap water, so I'm glad Mum decided to bring home some coconut water because I have been addicted to it ever since. It can take a bit of time to get used to the taste but it is so refreshing and very healthy for you.

What are some of your Summer must-haves?