Christmas Styling - Part 5


Welcome to my last Christmas styling post for 2014 and what I think everyone's favourite part of Christmas decorating is: the tree. As you've probably guessed from my previous posts (links below) our colour theme this year is gold and silver with touches of red here and there - I'll definitely be adding more red next year for a more traditional theme.

Because our home incorporates a lot of earthy colours, I wanted to include some things that would reflect that in the tree. Lucky I live in the (almost) sticks as there are quite a few pine trees close by which means I don't have to pay for pinecones. I bought some florist wire which I wanted to use so the pinecones would sit nicely in the tree but unfortunately that didn't quite work, particularly with the pinecones that hadn't opened up yet. So, I had to simply rest them in the tree and pray that they wouldn't fall out - which they have; I'll definitely need to figure out a better solution next year.

Fortunately, Mum has a million bunches of these sticky/twiggy things in pots and vases all over the house. I grabbed a few different ones and shoved them in between the branches. I wish they were a tad shorter but I quite like that they add another texture to the tree.
I love our gold star tree topper which we've had for a couple years now. We used to have an angel but she started to look a little old so we opted for a star. But there are so many different things you can use as tree toppers: stars, angels, even ribbon - there are heaps of tutorials on Youtube.
Two trees...?
This year we decided one Christmas tree just wasn't going to be enough. So we picked up this cute 180cm pencil tree from The Reject Shop for $25 for the front entrance. It looks perfect in the little corner near the front door.

Both trees have 200 lights each but I recommend going for 400 on the large tree.
Since the main tree has a gold star, I thought it would be good to balance things out with a silver star on this tree. I love the ornamental pattern this one, also from The Reject Shop, has.
So, what else do you need to know when decorating your tree?
  • The order in which you place your ornaments and so forth on your tree is very important.
    • First place your lights. Please check they all work before actually putting them on the tree.
    • Add only shiny baubles to the inner branches of the tree as this will give depth, people will stare right into the tree rather than just look at the exterior.
    • Next, wrap your ribbon around the tree, ensuring a couple branches are hugging it in place every 30cm or so.
    • Add your picks.
    • Then I placed my pinecones, trying to spread them evenly around the tree.
    • Now you can add the rest of your ornaments, clips, etc.
    • And finally, the tree topper.
  • When you first take your tree out of storage, you need to fluff the branches which entails straightening out each individual branch.
  • It is better to overestimate than underestimate how much ribbon you will need to wrap around your tree. I used 6 metres and this wasn't nearly enough as you can probably see - I'm hoping you didn't notice - but I'd probably need double that to get good coverage.
  • Picks are going to make all the difference in the world because they will make your tree look fuller. I didn't even know what they were up until about a year ago when I started watching people decorate their trees on Youtube.
  • Lastly, make sure that your ornaments and baubles aren't touching any branches below so they look like they're hanging or floating rather than sitting.
I hope you've enjoyed this little Christmas series I've put together.

If you feel you need more inspiration be sure to check out Pinterest and Youtube as these channels are filled with many different ideas. Also, head over to my Instagram for extra pics.

Happy decorating!

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Thanks for taking these photos, Vanessa. It's greatly appreciated. Check out more of her work here.