Christmas Styling - Part 4


Styling our table has been my favourite Christmas project so far and I absolutely love how these photos turned out. For a small or medium table, I think it's best to not go too crazy with the decorations and utilising objects that can be easily removed for when food needs to be placed on the table. If you have a super large table, you can probably get away with a garland - you could add some height by using tall candles or mason jars filled with fake snow, pinecones, baubles and the like.
If you don't have a full set of plates or you're inviting a lot of people to your Christmas lunch or dinner, try mixing and matching plates. It's actually quite effective and adds a lot more character to the table. Make sure everyone gets a bon bon and a napkin and you're good to go.
How cute is this sleigh that I found at The Reject Shop? I simply weaved three picks in and out of the wire at the high side of the sleigh. I then added the two pinecones, making sure they were sitting snugly next to each other to prevent them from rolling over. Next I bunched up a gold bead garland, placing it behind the pinecones along with a couple baubles and mini pinecones that I rolled in gold and sliver paint and glitter. Then I randomly placed baubles and mini pinecones in front of the pinecones.
These wreaths are also from The Reject Shop. I don't think they were intended for use as candle wreaths but that's what I've turned them into anyway. They'd also look adorable hung.
I can't wait to style our table again on Christmas Day and I'm looking forward to all the yummy food!

How will you style your table this Christmas?

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Thanks again to Vanessa for these incredible photos. Check out her blog here.