Christmas Styling - Part 2


Welcome to my second Christmas styling post! This post is going to entail some ideas for mixing the old and the new to create some really cute Christmas nooks in your home. You'll be able to apply the ideas in this post year after year as I'll be illustrating how you can pair Christmas items you already have with new Christmas items in order to create fresh and different displays. I'll list where I purchased everything at the end.

Old: Santa & Reindeer, Fibre Optic Tree
New: Garland
We have had Santa and his sleigh for years now and we usually just put him on the floor in the lounge room. But this year I decided to give him and his reindeer some height by placing them on the coffee table. The fibre optic tree wasn't working for me anywhere else in the house, so I decided to add that as well as it adds a bit more colour when switched on. The new addition is the garland. And yes, it is so bare because I couldn't spare any decorations for it apart from the silver ribbon, apples and pinecones. But I think the minimalistic style actually suits this set-up so I'm definitely not displeased with it. This will probably be one of the few spaces that doesn't change in the years to come simply because the sleigh doesn't fit anywhere else in the house.
Old: Gold Tree, Ornaments, Tea Light Holder, Lindt Chocolate Umbrellas
New: Nutcracker, Silver Tree
This is probably my favourite Christmas space this year. I mean, how adorable is the nutcracker! He is obviously the focal point. I wanted to make the space around him seem like it had been effortlessly thrown together and that's what I've attempted to do with the ornaments. The gold and silver trees go together so well and their height and scale is perfect because they're not overpowering the nutcracker.
Old: Wreath, Merry Christmas Sign, Ornaments, Teddy, Tea Light Holder
New: Pinecone, Glass Vases
This is our little nook and first thing you see in the front entrance. We bought new wreaths for the front door this year so this pretty red and gold one is staying inside this year. We had three spare vases sitting around, so I decided to fill them with some shiny garlands, apple ornaments and picks - they're a really simple but effective way to add some Christmas to a space and you can put them anywhere, a shelf, coffee table, mantle... The tea light holder has a fake, flameless candle in it. These are a really great option particularly if you have little kids in your home, you won't be wasting matches, and they still give the effect of a real candle - no one will even know.
  • Santa & Reindeer - Myer
  • Fibre Optic Tree, Tea Light Holders, Merry Christmas Sign - Coles
  • Garland -
  • Ribbon, Gold and Silver Trees, Nutcracker - The Reject Shop
  • Wreath - Big W
So, you can see that by adding a few new items here and there with your old ones, you can create cute and effective spaces in your home. As I said in my previous post, just have fun with it and play around with different layouts until you find the one you're happy with.

Christmas Styling - Part 1

A big thank you to Vanessa for these photos. Make sure you check out her photography blog.