Christmas Styling - Part 1


Welcome to my first Christmas styling post! Christmas is my favourite time and day of the year, more so than my birthday. I'm especially excited this year because it was my job to style the family home and I'm pretty happy with what I came up on a relatively small budget.

These posts won't entail step-by-step tutorials or anything like that. I'm hoping to simply give you some ideas and inspiration, and give a brief explanation of what I used and how I put things together as well as provide some tips and share where I bought what you see.

I thought I'd begin with some general planning tips today.

Tip 1
The first thing to do is set a budget. You need to know how much you have to spend before you begin anything. Do note that you probably won't spend it exactly - you'll either be a little under or a little over. You don't need to spend a lot of money to give your house a Christmas-y feel. My budget was $200 this year. Also, think about how you'll spend your money - what will you dedicate the most money to, will you spend an equal amount on each area, do you want both indoor and outdoor decorations?

Tip 2
Find the focal points in your home. This could be anything from your staircase, entrance, lounge room, mantle... Locating these spaces is especially important when on a budget because they will be the spots that you are going to focus on in your decorating process.

Tip 3
Colour scheme. The possibilities are endless. Do you want to go traditional - red, green, gold? Do you want to go modern - black, white, copper? Or would you prefer fun - blue, pink, purple? Or perhaps you'd like to keep it fairly neutral - gold and silver? If you're starting from scratch, I'd suggest the gold and silver theme because it provides good base colours and it's flexible which will allow you to add a pop of colour in the years to come.

Tip 4
Assess what you have and what you need to buy. This will entail pulling all your Christmas stuff out of storage, going through what you will use this year, and then making a list of what needs to be purchased. Do you need more baubles, more ornaments, garlands, picks?

Tip 5
Use lists. Lists are going to be your best friend. Or you could go one better and use a spreadsheet. They will help you keep track of everything and stay organised. And make sure you cross things off as you purchase items and complete tasks.

Tip 6
Lacking inspiration? I recommend going on Pinterest. Spend some time on there and note the things that stood out to you the most.

Tip 7
Plan. Do your research. Look for bargains, discount codes, anything that is going to help you utilise your budget in the best possible way. Also, know exactly what you're going to buy from where. Put all of this information in your list. Think about whether you're going to buy online, in store or both.

Tip 8
Have fun and experiment. Now is the time to be creative and think outside the box while also reflecting your home and the personalities that live in it.

Also remember that as much as we want everything now, it's more fun and exciting to add new things to your home each year. Don't think that you need to splurge and have the whole house covered in Christmas decorations. Our tastes are likely to change, and what we might love one year we may not like the next.

Stay tuned for my next styling post which will be coming to you on Wednesday!

Thank you to Vanessa for the photography. Check out more here.