Starlooks Champagne Palette


This palette contains a selection of our most popular, brilliant matte, sparkle, and satin shadows. Each colour, and the combination as a whole, has been specifically formulated to provide light, medium, and dark looks for every occasion; as well as the perfect base tones for light, day looks, plus medium and dark tones for re-vamping your look at night! Also offers a variety of bold colours to provide the optimum set of colour variation!
I first found out about this palette - and this brand - from Chrisspy's Best Looks of the Week YouTube video. I loved the look that she came up with, which was a gorgeous neutral look with a bit of shimmer. And neutral makeup looks are my favourite to create. So, I gifted myself the Starlooks Champagne Palette for my birthday. It cost just under $32 including shipping, which I think is good value.

The first time I used the palette was for my graduation where I created a simple, dark, neutral look. I was immediately impressed because the shadows I used - the middle brown, and the black mixed with the shade next to it - were incredibly smooth and creamy. I almost had trouble blending them because they are way less powdery than the BH Cosmetics shadows I am used to.

As stated in the description, this palette has a great mix of sparkly, shimmery, satin and matte shades. I'll go through each shade and describe it to you because photos aren't always a true depiction of the colour. Please note that the swatches are all in order as seen in the palette except for the first two shades which are found at the bottom right corner of the palette.
Shade 1 - A warm bronze-brown shade with glitter.
Shade 2 - A shimmery dirty gold that borders on khaki green.
Shade 3 - A pearlescent shimmery silver.
Shade 4 - A matte dull watermelon pink.
Shade 5 - A shimmery emerald green.
Shade 6 - A matte deep, dark neutral purple.
Shade 7 - A true matte black.
Shade 8 - A satin champagne with pastel pink undertones.
Shade 9 - A satin true white.
Shade 10 - A matte warm red-brown.
Shade 11 - A shimmery copper-rose gold.
Shade 12 - An almost-black shade with grape purple glitter.
Shade 13 - A matte cream shade.
Shade 14 - A satin off-white/ivory shade.
Shade 15 - A stunning gold with a metallic finish.

I've played around with this palette quite a bit and overall, I'm in love with it. I think the only let down is the pink shade because it is not as pigmented and doesn't really fit in with the rest of the eyeshadows in this palette. Still, the Starlooks Champagne Palette is a really beautiful and versatile palette that is great value and I definitely recommend it to those of you who, like me, love a really good neutral palette.

Have you tried this palette? What do you think of it?