Inner Beauty #2 - Changing Your Life Path


Over the last few months, I've been doing some serious thinking. About my life. About my career path. About myself and where I'm headed. If you follow me on social media or have read my "About" page, you'd know that I have a Public Relations qualification. But the thing is, I never chose PR - PR kind of chose me.

At the end of year 12, I had my heart set on getting into music. It's what I had been working towards my whole life. Plan B was to get into law. When Plan A and B failed, I opened a course guide and made a snap decision to do a Professional Communication degree, something I had no interest in or knowledge about.

Long story short, I knew before first semester was over that this was not what I was meant to be doing for the rest of my life. But I had to do something, I had to study something. And three years later, I have a piece of paper with my name and my degree written on it in a pretty frame hanging my study. Why. What for. What did I achieve by slaving away for three years and dedicating my entire self to something that I have no passion, fire or enthusiasm for? The short answer to that is: not much.

I always try to turn a negative into a positive, and I'd be lying if I said my university experience was horrible from start to finish. I was exposed to a range of different issues and perspectives that I may not have otherwise considered had I not undertaken this degree. Additionally, I uncovered where my true interests are, and that is within events - particularly styling and design - and interior decoration. So, I am off to school again in 2015 to do a Diploma of Interior Design & Decoration.

Although I know I'm following my heart, I've felt a sense of guilt since making this decision. I guess that's because I feel like I took the place of someone else who really wanted that PR degree. And here I am, basically throwing it away. I think it's also because I feel that I should be at the earning rather than learning stage. But now that I've found the above quote, I feel a lot more comfortable and reassured about my decision, and I know that I am right in changing my mind.

The moral of my story, this post, and this quote is that it's never too late to change your path in life. We all have regrets. We all make mistakes. And sometimes we don't make the best decisions for ourselves. Always listen to your inner voice, your gut instinct. If something doesn't feel right, it probably isn't. But it's never too late to change. It's never too late to do what you've always wanted to do. Life's too short not to.