#NOTW - Sally Hansen Lustre Shine (004 Azure)


Sally Hansen Lustre Shine - 004 Azure

I don't love wearing anything else as much as I love wearing dark colours on my nails - and lips and eyelids for that matter - during the cold months. Blue, particularly of the dark or navy varieties, is one of my favourite colours to sport on my fingertips. So, this week, I decided to bring out my bottle of Sally Hansen's Lustre Shine nail polish in 004 Azure.

After trying 002 Gilt months earlier and being reasonably happy with it, I was pretty excited to try out Azure, especially because of how pretty it looks in the bottle. But more on the colour later... In the bottle, the varnish looks completely opaque. So I was expecting a really creamy formula and smooth application.

Upon opening the bottle, however, I noticed that the polish was incredibly runny, thin and watery, which meant my first coat was ridiculously sheer and patchy. With each additional coat, the opacity came but the patchiness was here to stay. Four coats later - yep, it took four freaking coats! - I now have on my nails what is pictured above. And it is still very streaky and inconsistent, less coverage in some places and more in others. Terrible.

I know that after my Gilt review, I said I was likely to purchase more from the Lustre Shine range but the application of Azure has made me think twice.

Oh. Now. Let's get back to the colour itself. While Azure is a gorgeous deep blue with purple undertones - the image doesn't pick this up very well - WHERE IS THE DUO CHROME? I think Sally Hansen needs to brush up on its definition of what a duo chrome actually is. Because this is not it. This is more of a metallic blue. As gorgeous as the colour is, it shouldn't have been put in this range.

I applied this polish on Sunday and haven't experienced any chipping so far. But I will update this post at the end of the week with its durability. Watch this space.

Overall, I love the colour but I don't love the formula and I don't think it should have been marketed under the Lustre Shine range.


Update: This nail polish began chipping on day four and significantly chipped or peeled thereafter even after touching up. So, I would say Azure isn't a very long-wearing nail polish.