Inner Beauty #1 - Female Empowerment


Welcome to post number one from my new inner beauty series of posts that I will hopefully be bringing to you every few weeks. I've wanted to begin a quotes series for some time now but didn't know what I should call it and I thought "Motivational Monday" was far too cliché. Basically, I want these posts to be motivational and inspirational with a focus on inner beauty because that's far more important than what's on the exterior.

My thoughts in today's post have been sparked by some comments that I read on a personal vlog uploaded to YouTube by a very well known beauty vlogger who I won't be naming. In a nutshell, the comments I'm referring to were filled with hurtful words, not only aimed at the beauty vlogger herself but also at other commenters who, in their eyes, were posting hate.

Women bashing other women - when will this stop? When will we stop acting like girls and become mature women? At what point will we stop tearing each other down and start bringing each other up instead? Of course we all have the right to our opinion. But there is a fine line between a critique - a constructive criticism, a negative observation, or a mature way of stating a not-so-cheery opinion - and outright hurtful comments and name-calling.

We are female. We are emotive, hormonal. We have good days, we have bad days. We have days where we feel confident and beautiful. We have days where we feel insecure and jealous. But that doesn't give us the right to bully each other, and especially not over the Internet.

I could ramble on about this topic forever but this is a blog and not a thesis. So, there are two key messages I want all females to take away from this post:

1. Bully - think twice before hitting send on your YouTube comment or tweet or Facebook status. Think about how you would feel if you were to receive such a comment, or how your mother, sister, daughter, aunt, cousin or best friend would feel. How would those close to you perceive you if they read the nasty words you leave others?

2. Victim - acknowledge that you don't have the problem. The bully is the one with the problem, the insecurities, the low self-esteem. It's hard but grow a thicker skin and be the bigger person - don't stoop down to the bully's level. Block users and delete hateful comments. Talk to someone about it if it makes you feel better. Remind yourself about your attributes and strengths. Create your own sunshine. Remember that so many successful people have been bullied before you; you have to try and turn a negative into a positive and make the best of a bad situation.

Together we can make a difference. Together we can eradicate hate. We just need to think before we speak, or write.