#OOTD - Blue & Orange


Ah, my first ever outfit of the day post. I had an interview for a volunteer position at Melbourne Spring Fashion Week a couple weeks ago, so I got my sister to snap a few quick pics when I got back.

I knew I wanted to wear these brand new cobalt blue pants but I had no idea what I wanted to wear on top. I ended up going for a plain white top paired with a black blazer. I would have liked to have worn a white blazer but since I was taking the train I wasn't sure if it would remain stain-free by the time I got to my interview. Plus, I always manage to get makeup on white clothes - what can I say, I'm a klutz!

I've had the scarf for over a year and have never worn it because none of my other blue clothes matched the colour exactly but these pants go with it so well. I was in a bold mood, so I opted for complementary colours and brought along an orange bag. I tied this in by wearing a peachy orange lipstick.

The Perfect Corporate Makeup


Wondering how much makeup is too much for the workplace? Look no further!

I've put together my take on what I think is the perfect corporate makeup. I've split up this post into two segments. The first is for those of you with really professional, conservative and corporate jobs, such as teachers, doctors, and lawyers. The second is for those of you who work in the more creative industries, such as the arts and design. Some of you may fall in between these two categories and for that you'll have to take a bit of this and a bit of that from each to create your perfect corporate look.