Schwarzkopf Brilliance Hair Dye


So, you know how much I loved the Garnier Olia Hair Colour in black but this time I needed my blue-black fix and went back to my all-time favourite Schwarzkopf Brilliance Intense Permanent Colour. This brand is the best for blue-black, in my opinion. It is the most intense blue-black out of all the brands I've used, which include L'Oreal, and the colour becomes more intense the more you wash your hair.
Extra Colour Intensity
The Intense Colour Creme with innovative mix of intensity pigments now offers Brilliance's best colour intensity ever!
Up to 3x More Dazzling Diamond Shine
The new and unique Diamond Gloss Serum is to be freshly mixed with the Brilliance formula. For up to 3x more, long-lasting dazzling diamond shine (compared to untreated hair)!
Extra Long-Lastingness
The specially developed Brilliance formula smooths the hair surface to seal the pigments within the hair. For longer-lasting, radiantly intense Brilliance colour!
Because my hair is quite long with a bit of thickness to it, I need two boxes to get good coverage. I always use all the product to ensure my hair is completely saturated and I like to particularly concentrate on areas that I know don't keep colour in very well. If your hair is longer than your chest area, I recommend purchasing two boxes unless you are planning on touching up your roots in which case you'll only need one.

Each pack contains:
1 Tube BRILLIANCE Intense Colour Creme 60 mL
1 Capsule Diamond Gloss Serum 1.2 mL
1 Developer Bottle 60 mL
1 Tube BRILLIANCE Colour-Shine Conditioner 22.5 mL
1 Pair Gloves
1 Instruction Leaflet
I never use the applicator that comes in the box. I prefer to use a small container and dye brush because I feel that it provides a more accurate application to the area you are focusing on and the container allows you to see exactly how much product you have left.

If you've dyed your hair before, you know how this works. If not, I'll quickly run you through the process. Put your gloves on and mix the developer, colour creme and serum together. Start applying to your hair, beginning at the roots. There is no science or correct method to this. You can section off your hair or go in randomly. Just make sure the product has covered all your hair and you haven't missed any bits. You'll know you haven't applied it to a section if it feels dry. Once you have finished, massage your head, and leave the dye in for 30 minutes; I usually leave it in for a bit longer, between 40 and 45 minutes.

Once time is up, wash the dye out of your hair. If you don't want blue hands and fingernails, I suggest you keep the gloves on. I don't usually shampoo after dying my hair but I wish I had the last time as I had a lot of excess dye still in my hair after using only the conditioner. My hair was 'bleeding' dye for a few weeks after even when it was dry - the evidence was on my pillow case in the morning.

In terms of its longevity, about two weeks later I noticed re-growth - what can I say, my hair grows pretty fast - and it was about four to five weeks before I noticed some brown coming through the length. But as for the colour itself, as I said above, it intensifies the more you wash your hair. You can have a look at it in my velcro rollers post.

If you're looking for a super pigmented blue-black hair dye that leaves you with gorgeous shiny hair, look no further - this is the one for you.