Purple-Brown Shimmery Eye Makeup


Hello Readers! I hope you've been well.

I'd like to start off this post by apologising for my week-and-a-half long absence. Life has been pretty crazy lately. Between re-decorating my room, to birthday celebrations, to interning, and officially graduating on Thursday, I haven't had much time to plan my blog posts let alone actually blog.

But today, I wanted to run you through this purple-brown shimmery eye makeup that I posted on Instagram a couple months ago.

1. As always, begin by applying your eye primer on your eye lids and under-eye area.
2. Highlight the brow bone with a light colour.
3. Take a shimmery purple-brown shadow - I used 'Mercury' from the BH Cosmetics Glaxay Palette - onto a shader brush and pack onto the lid.
4. Place a matte brown shadow onto a fluffy blending brush and sweep through the crease.
5. Two intensify the look, add some black shadow to the outer V, blending through the crease.
6. Apply eye liner - I kept it simple with some black pencil liner.
7. Take your purple-brown colour and apply it to the lower lash line.
8. Add a few coats of mascara (and falsies if you like).

I think this look is appropriate for the cooler weather since it utilises cool purples and browns but of course you can wear it any time of year. Let me know how you like this make-up look. That's all for now and I'll hopefully be back into the blogging routine soon!