MaxFactor 2000 Calorie Mascara


I'm back! Once again, I apologise for my lack of blogging this month. I was totally unprepared for how busy May turned out to be. But here I am and today I'll be sharing with you my thoughts on MaxFactor's 2000 Calorie Dramatic Volume Mascara in Black.

Let's begin with package claims...
Up to 300 per cent more volume in comparison to bare lashes.
2000 Calorie Mascara's body-building formula fattens even the thinnest of lashes for a thick, dramatic look, with up to 300 per cent more volume (v. bare lashes). It stays touch proof and smudge proof. This iconic mascara is available in three variants: Dramatic Volume, Waterproof, Curved Brush Volume and Curl.
I've been searching for a smudge-proof mascara for a while after realising I would need such a mascara to prevent transfer under my eyes which is what I encountered while using the Masterpiece Max Waterproof Mascara. This mascara is available at Priceline and is currently on sale for $12.95. It is also available in Black Brown.
Of course I can't exactly measure whether or not my lashes are up to 300 per cent more volumised but this mascara provides a whole lotta volume and gives the appearance of full and thick lashes. It also lengthens the lashes quite nicely. In comparison to the Masterpiece Max Mascara, the 2000 Calorie's formula is very dry which means it can get clumpy and can also produce some minor flaking.

As for the smudging, it has stopped for the most part: there is still some smudging in hot weather which is something I can't seem to avoid. I love everything about the wand but particularly its shape because it's wide at the base and gradually becomes narrow which follows the shape of our natural lashes.

I do use an eyelash curler and the 2000 Calorie Mascara holds the curl well. This product does take quite a bit of effort to take off with a makeup wipe but it's worth it for how amazing this mascara is. I wish I had a before-and-after to show you but you can see the full effects of this mascara in my recent tutorials here and here.

If you love big, voluminous, clumpy lashes, I recommend you try this mascara. You won't be disappointed! I know I'll be using this mascara for a really long time.

What is you favourite mascara at the moment?