My Quest For Voluminous Hair


For me, big hair is everything. If my hair is flat, I feel flat. But when my hair is big and voluminous I'm a happy chappy. I've tried the velcro rollers, the teasing brush, the teasing comb, the big round styling brush... And while they are all perfectly fine, I figured I should go back to the basics of hair: washing and pre-drying. So, a few months ago, I decided to buy a bunch of products made specially for volume to see if they would make any difference to my dead straight and often lifeless hair.

I began with a Schwarzkopf volumising shampoo and conditioner, both of which smelled beyond amazing - a truly wonderful fruity scent - but they did absolutely nothing for my hair. So, about a couple months ago I purchased the TRESemme Healthy Volume Shampoo and Conditioner. This duo is supposed to help maintain all-day volume and bounce, making you hair manageable without leaving it weighed down. Made with a unique Volume Control Complex and Silk proteins, the shampoo and conditioner intends to keep your hair from falling flat while providing a perfect level of conditioning. It is formulated to be light enough for daily use but who washes their hair every single day? I know I certainly don't. TRESemme shampoo and conditioners are very concentrate which means you don't need to use a lot and the 900ml bottle lasts much longer than other brands. For me, the shampoo and conditioner are not enough to add volume to my hair. But I love love love the conditioner; it is probably the best conditioner I have ever used because it conditions and detangles my long and often knotted hair so well.

The first volumising products I bought were the Big Sexy Hair Dense Thickening Hairspray and the John Frieda Root Awakening Spray. The name of the Big Sexy Hair product confused me a little because it was called a hairspray. When I first saw it I thought it was a finishing hairspray that would give me great hold and extra volume. Instead it goes on pre-dry. I spray a generous amount onto my hair, focusing on the roots but also bringing some down onto my ends. I massage it in well. This on its own is AMAZING. It thickens up my hair nicely and makes it look really full. I would love to try more products from this range. The John Frieda spray, on the other hand, is probably one of the worst hair products I have ever used. Let's start with the smell. Peppermint and Eucalyptus. Together. What was Mr Frieda thinking? Aside from that, this does not awaken my roots or provide volume in any way. The only reason I'm still using it is to finish the product.

Next, I purchased the Matrix Biolage Age Rejuvinating Leave-In Densifier. This is also as great as the Big Sexy Hair spray. It makes my hair thicker and voluminous. My only criticism is that I find the texture a little sticky and once it has dried on the hair it can make it a little difficult to brush. I also dislike the smell; it smells like Demazin. Although the bottle is rather small, a little goes a long way and this has lasted me quite a few months already.

This doesn't contribute to volume but I thought I would also mention that I use the V05 Heat Protect Styling Spray to protect my hair from the heat of hair dryers, curling wands and straighteners although I do try to minimise use of the last two. I don't know how much heat protectors actually work but I've found this one to be effective as I've had little to no split ends since using it. This one protects up to 230 degrees Celsius which is pretty good.

I still have to backcomb my hair to get lift at the roots but I am more than happy with the Matrix and Big Sexy Hair products. I love that they thicken up my hair and actually do what they say they are going to do. For that, I would repurchase these two. I would never repurchase the John Frieda spray and I don't think the shampoo or conditioner add much to my hair in terms of volume.

What are your favourite volumising hair products?