Tools Of The Trade - Brushes For The Eyes


Quite a few months ago I dedicated a post to brushes for the face. Today, we'll be looking at the brushes I use for eye makeup and their functions. Like in my previous post, all the brushes are by Sigma. You certainly don't need all these brushes but since becoming serious about makeup, I have been slowly building up my collection. At a basic level, you will want a a really good blending brush, a brush for applying product to the lid which can also be used for highlighting the brow bone, and some sort of smudge brush for your outer V and lower lash line. If you're into gel or liquid eyeliners, you'll probably want to get an eyeliner brush as well.
Sigma E55 Eye Shading - $12.00
With soft and dense bristles, this brush provides even and strong colour application. The E55 is intended for use on the eye lid but I also use it to highlight my brow bone and inner corner if those colours are the same as or similar to my base colour. Like other shader brushes, the eye shadow colour can be made more intense by packing, or patting, the product onto the lid. This brush works well with powder eye shadows. You can buy this brush here.
Sigma E60 Large Shader - $14.00
This brush performs a similar function to the E55. With a firm, large and flat head, this brush is designed to uniformly cover the entire lid with product. Though it is intended for cream eye shadow, I have found that this brush hasn't worked for such products but through no fault of the brush: the cream shadows I do have are too dense to be picked up by the E60. So, instead of using it for cream products, I decided to put this brush to use with glitter and shimmer shadows, while the E55 would be used for matte shadows. You can buy this brush here.
Sigma E40 Tapered Blending - $14.00
With natural bristles the E40's soft and fluffy rounded tip ensures well blended makeup application. This brush gives a diffused and natural look to the shadow which makes it perfect for day time or more subtle looks. Using this brush requires back-and-forth, or windscreen wiper, motions in the crease. But this brush is also great for blending shadows between the crease and brow bone. The thing I dislike most about this brush is that it sheds, so be prepared for a few hairs falling onto your eye lids and a lot of hairs falling out when you wash the brush. You can buy this brush here.
Sigma E35 Tapered Blending - $14.00
The E35 is a less fluffy version of the E40, which means the colour is less diffused. It is also to be swept through the crease and provides a look that is blended but the colour result is more defined. I turn to this brush when I want my eye shadow to be slightly bolder than if I were to use the E40. You can buy this brush here.
Sigma E45 Small Tapered Blending - $12.00
Sigma defines the E45 as a very tapered and pointed brush with a precise tip. But mine has lost a lot of its shape, which means that it is not as precise with colour placement as it was when I first started using it. This would have to be one of my criticisms of Sigma brushes: quite a few of mine have lost their shape. The colour intensity is still there with this brush but now it just serves the purpose of another blending brush. The E45 is also a shedder, though not to the same extent as the E40. You can buy this brush here.
Sigma E47 Shader - Crease - $12.00
From the Performance Eyes Collection, this brush has long and firm bristles, and is perfect for precise application of colour onto the crease. The E47 has quite a few functions for me: I use it through the crease, to define my outer V, and to line my lower lash line with eye shadow. This brush also gives a truly great colour pay-off. You can buy this brush here.
Sigma E30 Pencil - $12.00
This brush has a soft and tapered pencil tip which makes it perfect for softening and smoking out eyeliner as well as smudging eye shadow to line the eyes. It can also be used to highlight the inner corner of the eyes. I use this brush on the outer V to give more depth to the eye and for smudging shadows along my lower lash line. This brush could additionally be useful in creating a cut crease look. You can buy this brush here.
Sigma E70 Medium Angled Shading - $12
The E70 consists of soft and angled bristles. This brush provides soft colour application and can be used to subtly highlight the brow bone, which is what I use it for, or to blend the crease. The shadow colour comes out very subtle with this brush and I do find that I have to layer on my brow bone highlight to get the intensity I want. If you like a really pigmented highlight, I would recommend buying a denser brush than this one. You can buy this brush here.
E20 Short Shader - $12.00
The E20 has a soft and precise flat head, which makes it ideal for concentrated colour application. This brush is ideal for applying eye shadows as eye liner, particularly on the lower lash line. The colours come out so bold and vivid. This may just be my new favourite brush which you can buy here.
E05 Eyeliner - $12.00
I'm sure you can tell by the name that the E05 is for eye liner. It did have a tapered finish but this brush too lost its shape and I no longer use it. Even when it was tapered, I felt that I didn't have much control over the brush and gel liner would take forever to get perfect. You can buy this brush here.
E65 Small Angle - $12.00
This is the brush I recommend 100 per cent for eye liner and I also use it to fill in my brows. The angled, thin and firm head makes precise lining a piece of cake. The brush moves with ease along the lash lines, and allows you to get close to the lash root for natural looking liner. The E65 also makes liner application quick because of the control you get when using it. You can buy this brush here.
E46 Shader - Inner Corner - $12
Also from the Performance Eyes Collection, the E46 has a small, oval tip for precise colour application in the inner corner. This is the only brush I regret buying. While it's small, cute, and fits perfectly into the inner corner, the colour intensity just isn't there which is disappointing. I've tried different techniques but I can't seem to make it work. You can buy this brush here.

What are you favourite eye brushes?