NYX Single Eye Shadow - Black & White


A good matte black and matte white eye shadow are a staple for even the most basic makeup collection if you ask me. I often use white shadow to highlight my brow bone and inner corner while the black shadow can be used to line the eyes and define the outer V. The white can also be used as a base which will make your eye shadow colours pop.

I picked up NYX Single Eye Shadows in Matte White and Matte Black for $5.50 at Cherry Culture.
The first thing I love about this product is the packaging because there isn't a ridiculous amount of packaging for the amount of product inside. One of my pet peeves with cosmetics is when the product packaging is big and bulky when it really is unnecessary. Secondly, these are not troublesome to open. Ever have trouble opening an eye shadow which results in a broken nail? You won't have to worry about that with these shadows.

As mentioned, both of these shadows are matte which means that the colour is flat with no shimmer, glitter or frost. If you look closely, you can see a few specks of shimmer in the black but it applies completely matte. Please note that I did not use a primer for the swatches.

The pigmentation is exceptional for a relatively low-end product. The white does not appear as pigmented in the swatch above as it does on the eye lid. It is especially pigmented when used with an eye primer, such as the NYX High Definition Eye Shadow Base, and like most cheap eye shadows it can be built up to the intensity desired.
Like most black shadows, this one is very pigmented. It does look slightly brown in the swatch but I personally prefer my black eye shadows to be on the brown side rather than having grey or blue tones. Because of its pigmentation, you have to go little by little with this shadow.

NYX Single Eye Shadows are not chalky which makes them easy to apply and blend. They are great to work with and I find their staying power to be good with a primer: there has been no noticeable creasing or fading while wearing them. With every day use, I imagine they could last up to a year depending on how much product is used.

There are a range of different shadows within this collection; you could even depot them and create your own custom palette. From brights to neutrals, the possibilities are endless. I definitely hope to purchase more in future and can see myself creating a neutral palette with these eye shadows.

If you're looking for some inexpensive and quality eye shadows, look no further: these NYX shadows are for you.

Are there any NYX Single Eye Shadows that you can recommend? Leave a comment below.