Makeup Storage


A new year calls for new makeup storage! I could no longer handle my old set up, which consisted of shoving eye products into a tiny makeup bag and throwing lipsticks into a basket. So I decided it was time to purchase some proper makeup storage where I could access all my products with ease. You could say that this was my beauty related New Year's resolution.

I apply my make up in the powder room. Everything is stored in drawers and a cupboard underneath the sink, which is also the water pipe's and toilet paper's home (too much info - I'm sorry). I also share the space with my mum whose things take up just under half the space.

So, it's all about maximising storage in a pretty tiny space. Challenge accepted.

Let's begin with brushes.

Previously, my brushes were stored in two large candle holders with candle stones. Not only was it difficult to stab my brushes into the stones, but the candle holders took up more space than necessary. It was time to downsize. Upon my last trip to Ikea, I found these smaller candle holders from the Skurar range for $2.99 each. These are located near the candles at the market hall. They're white and cute with a lace design and are perfect for brushes. Not too big or small, they take up minimal room in the cupboard under the sink.
Also from Ikea, Krus storage is great for holding makeup bits and pieces. They are $9.99 each and can be found in the kitchen area at the market hall. In here I'll be keeping single eye shadows, lip glosses, lip and eye liners. The Krus storage is great because it comes with optional dividers. There is now one in each drawer and it all looks so much nicer and de-cluttered. Just this alone has cut down my application by about 15 minutes as a no longer have to spend ages sifting through a makeup bag.
I bought this acrylic makeup organiser, which holds up to 12 lipsticks, from Ebay for $14.99. This basically holds my everyday makeup items, including foundation, concealer, bronzer and mascara, and lipsticks for the season. This is perfect for someone who wants easy access to the basics. You can fit quite a bit in this organiser, especially if you're strategic about it (as you can see, I have some space left over) but if you have a lot of foundations, concealers, blushes, bronzers, etc. then this is probably not going to suit your needs unless you use it to store your favourites.
I also got this acrylic lipstick holder from Ebay for $9.99. It holds 24 lipsticks and although it looks a little empty now, I foresee my lipstick collection growing in the (hopefully) near future.

As for my eye shadow palettes, I have them standing up on one side of the cupboard so they're out of the way. I would like to find some sort of stand for them but at this point I'm not too worried about that because they're not taking up a lot of space.

Now that all my products are neatly organised, I've realised that my makeup collection is rather small. But I don't know why I didn't do this sooner. Everything is so much easier to access now. My next mission is to fill up the 22 lipstick spaces I have left!

Don't ask me where any new makeup I purchase is going live. I will probably have to come up with another storage solution in my bedroom.

What are/were your 2014 beauty resolutions?