NYX Single Eye Shadow - Black & White


A good matte black and matte white eye shadow are a staple for even the most basic makeup collection if you ask me. I often use white shadow to highlight my brow bone and inner corner while the black shadow can be used to line the eyes and define the outer V. The white can also be used as a base which will make your eye shadow colours pop.

I picked up NYX Single Eye Shadows in Matte White and Matte Black for $5.50 at Cherry Culture.
The first thing I love about this product is the packaging because there isn't a ridiculous amount of packaging for the amount of product inside. One of my pet peeves with cosmetics is when the product packaging is big and bulky when it really is unnecessary. Secondly, these are not troublesome to open. Ever have trouble opening an eye shadow which results in a broken nail? You won't have to worry about that with these shadows.

Acne Education #3 - Your Skin Type


Makeup Storage


A new year calls for new makeup storage! I could no longer handle my old set up, which consisted of shoving eye products into a tiny makeup bag and throwing lipsticks into a basket. So I decided it was time to purchase some proper makeup storage where I could access all my products with ease. You could say that this was my beauty related New Year's resolution.

I apply my make up in the powder room. Everything is stored in drawers and a cupboard underneath the sink, which is also the water pipe's and toilet paper's home (too much info - I'm sorry). I also share the space with my mum whose things take up just under half the space.

So, it's all about maximising storage in a pretty tiny space. Challenge accepted.

Let's begin with brushes.