Santorini Teasing Brush


While watching some hair tutorials on YouTube I noticed that many of the hair stylists were using a large toothbrush-like hair brush to tease, or backcomb, the hair. I was impressed with the results that this brush gave. So, after doing some research I found the Santorini Teasing Brush for $2.20 on Almost any type of comb can be used to tease hair but some more than others are designed for teasing. Prior to purchasing the teasing brush, I used a teasing comb which is great at achieving big hair but also makes my hair frizzy.
The teasing brush is ideal for teasing or backcombing to generate effortless height and texture. Features 3 rows of soft bristles to create volume whilst minimising damage to hair. Includes sectioning tail.
My hair isn't thick but there is a lot of it and it's quite long, so my main challenge is getting the backcomb to stay in for the duration of the day as the weight of my hair often causes the height to drop. Some techniques work better than others; for example, using hairspray assists in holding my hair up for a little longer but still not for as long as I would like.
What I love about the teasing brush is that it makes my hair less frizzy than the teasing comb, and it is helpful in smoothing out the top of the hair after backcombing. But it does not achieve the height that the teasing comb does and I have found that my hair goes flat a lot quicker when I use the brush. I also feel that I am damaging my hair more so with the brush than the comb because it takes me longer to get more volume out of my hair. I have found that the brush has been very useful in "thickening" up a ponytail though, again without too much frizz.

Overall, the teasing brush provides a more natural looking volume than the teasing comb. If that's what you're looking for, then the brush will be perfect for you. I have seen people get huge hair out of the brush but, unfortunately, that hasn't been the result for me. I guess it all comes down to the type of hair you have and the volume you require. I will definitely be going back to my comb and would probably recommend that for thicker hair types, while the brush is better suited to thinner hair.

If you have any tips or techniques on how to tease or backcomb, please leave them in the comments below!