Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess Soft Matte Bronzer


Today I'm reviewing my favourite bronzer: the Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess Soft Matte Bronzer. In trying to find a link to this product, I have discovered that Estee Lauder has actually discontinued this particular bronzer, which probably makes this review a little pointless. This product has been replaced with the Bronze Goddess Powder Bronzer which comes in four shades (light, medium deep, medium, and deep) and is priced at $58. I can't recall how much I bought the Soft Matte Bronzer for but I assume it was somewhere around the same price. For a high-end brand, I think the price is reasonable though. I don't use it every day but this bronzer has lasted over a year and I haven't even "hit pan" yet.
The sole reason I bought this bronzer was because it didn't consist of any acnegenic or comedogenic ingredients, so it was an ideal bronzer for blemish-prone skin and this is very hard to come by. For your reference, the ingredients are pictured below.
You may be able to see in the images that this bronzer does appear a little shimmery. But on the skin it is completely matte and does not appear sparkly at all, which is what you want in a bronzer if you are using it to contour. The colour pay-off is great and this product is versatile in that you can create a subtle contour or build the colour up for a more chiselled and defined look. I've read that brown bronzers are in at the moment but I feel like that defeats the whole purpose of that bronzed, tanned glow that the usual bronzers, such as this one, provide. Although I have light skin, I don't find this bronzer to be too orange; I find it gives a gorgeous sun-kissed appearance to the skin. This bronzer stays matte on the skin for the whole day and doesn't fade. It also doesn't highlight dry patches, settle or crease.
I really do wish that this bronzer still existed because I adore it. I'm hoping that the new Powder Bronzer will be just as good as this one (I'm sure it will be) and not too powdery because the Soft Matte Bronzer certainly isn't. Since my skin is still unpredictable at times, I'm also hoping that the formula hasn't changed too much from the Soft Matte Bronzer and that there are no acnegenic ingredients. If any of you have an ingredients list from the new bronzer, I would love it if you could let me know.

What's your favourite bronzer? Have any of you tried Estee Lauder's new bronzer?