BH Cosmetics Galaxy Chic Palette


Look out of this world with our astronomical 18 baked eyeshadows. This Galaxy Chic Palette will take you from Plain Jane to an infinite trendsetter. Inspired by moons and planets of the universe, eyeshadow shades range from hot sun-orange to cool earth-blue and colours of the Milky Way. Be as chic as a sparkling star!
I bought the BH Cosmetics Galaxy Chic Palette a few months ago for $19 from Ozsale. As soon as I saw this palette, I knew I had to have it; it is so different to all the other palettes I've seen out there. They aren't usually the sorts of shades that I would wear but I thought I would step out of my comfort zone this time round. I mean, who could resist such stunning colours?
There are certainly a few adventurous shades in this palette and all are sure to glitz up any makeup look because they are filled with shimmery goodness. I have only used two of these shades so far but I am impressed. They aren't chalky, the colour pay-off is excellent, and the diversity of colours is also great. I haven't used these shadows without a primer, but with one they lasted the whole day without fading, creasing, smudging etc. Arguably, this palette is a little over-the-top for day time wear but that all depends on your makeup style. My only criticism is that poor, little Pluto didn't make it onto this palette.

Enough of my rambling... Now let's look at some swatches.
Sun is a warm light orange with medium red throughout.

Jupiter is a pink-red shimmer.

Prometheus is a red-pink glitter shimmer.

Aphrodite is a berry-red glitter shimmer.

Milky Way is a soft baby pink shimmer.

Cosmic is a light purple-pink shimmer.
Saturn is a warm gold with a mild pink throughout.

Venus is a bright orange shimmer.

Meteor is a pastel blue-green glitter shimmer.

Comet is a pale green shimmer.

Earth is a pastel blue shimmer with white throughout.

Neptune is a deep ocean blue shimmer.
Mercury is a magenta-purple shimmer with brown undertones.

Mars is a red-brown chestnut shimmer

Asteroid is a cool brown with blue throughout.

Uranus is a blue-silver shimmer.

Moon is a purple-brown shimmer with silver throughout.

Eclipse is a taupe-purple shimmer.

Well there you have it: an extraordinary and unique palette. I've heard these are even more amazing when used wet, so I'm keen to give that a try. I adore these shadows and can't wait to experiment more with them. I'll, hopefully, have some pictorials to post soon.

What do you think of the Galaxy Chic Palette?