Garnier Olia Hair Colour


I was unsure whether to review this right after I had used it or wait to see how long the colour would last. But here I am with freshly dyed hair: I really could not wait to share this post with you. I have tried many different Garnier products over the years, and I haven't like any of them. Except maybe this one.

Garnier Olia Permanent Hair Colour was released not too long ago here in Australia. Aside from the fact that it was new, I was intrigued by the fact that it has no ammonia but is a permanent hair dye. Instead, it contains natural flower oils.

The packaging is rather elegant and stands out from others due to the yellow from the sunflower petals. Packaging claims:
  • Ultra pleasant and easy application
  • Maximum colour performance - absolutely lavish, vivid, long-lasting colour
  • 100% grey coverage
  • Visibly improves hair quality - anti-roughness, anti-dullness, 35% softer, 17% shinier
  • Unique sensorial application - optimal scalp comfort, non-drip velvety cream, delicate floral fragrance
What's in the box? L to R: gloves, developer cream, colour cream, applicator, silk and shine multi-application conditioner, instructions.

As you can see in the photo, I got this in 1.0 Deep Black. If you read my velcro rollers post, you would know that my hair is a half-and-half concoction of black and blue black. Unfortunately, they didn't have blue black when I purchased this at Chemist Warehouse and it doesn't appear to be in the colour range at all, according to the Garnier Australia website. This is quite disappointing as I actually really like this dye based on my experience thus far.

I didn't use the applicator that comes in the box. Instead, I opt for a container and brush. For those of you that haven't dyed your hair before, you basically squeeze the tube of developer cream into whatever you're using, then you put the colour cream in and give it a good mix. The developer cream is simply a white-coloured cream, and the colour cream comes out orange, which was a little alarming, but as the product oxidises it turns into a khaki green. 

The texture of the mixture is certainly creamy, and it does not drip. It glides on to the hair quite smoothly and easily, which must have something to do with the oils. There is a pleasant floral scent, which is not overpowering at all; it's a rather nice touch in my opinion. What I loved about this dye was that there was very limited stinging or discomfort compared to other permanent hair colours I've used. Additionally, it is quite easy to remove from your skin. Much like other dyes, you leave it in for 30 minutes, rinse it out, and apply the conditioner, which also has a lovely flowery fragrance.

Though it is the darkest black from this collection, surprisingly I wasn't shocked after drying my hair as I usually am due to the colour being so fresh and bold. This is definitely a good thing because I feel that it is somewhat more natural looking than other dyes. As for coverage, I am not sure the 100 per cent coverage claim is completely true as there were still a few brown strands near my roots. But I am happy with the coverage overall. Even though I ended up using the whole tube of conditioner, it didn't leave my hair flat and lifeless, rather it left my hair feeling quite light. Yet, I wouldn't say that the conditioner or dye left my hair any softer or shinier than usual.

I suppose you're also wondering how long the colour lasts. Because I have just dyed my hair, I can't give you an answer. But I will certainly update this post in a month or two to let you know how the colour's going.

At this point in time, I would certainly recommend Garnier Olia. I actually really like it, and would use it again. It's just unfortunate that it doesn't come in blue black.

Have you tried Garnier Olia? What do you think of it?

Update 30/11/2013
It has almost been eight weeks since I dyed my hair. Of course I have about an inch of regrowth but the black has stayed pretty vibrant. There is a bit of brown coming through in certain places and is becoming more apparent especially where the hair didn't take the dye very well. I liked that after the first four shampoos or so, the dye stopped running out of the hair or turning the shampoo blue; this has happened for a lot longer with other dyes I've used. Overall, I'm still pleased with the Garnier Olia hair colour and would certainly repurchase.