How I Wash My Makeup Brushes


I cannot stress enough the importance of keeping your makeup brushes clean. When they are dirty, your brushes become a breeding ground for bacteria which can cause acne if used on your face. But even if you aren't prone to acne, clean brushes mean your makeup goes on a lot better.

There are two types of cleaning: spot cleaning and deep cleaning. For many, it is enough to spot clean after each use and deep clean once a week. I wash my foundation and concealer brushes after each use, my powder and contouring brushes after every two to three uses, and my eye brushes as required. Some say that cleaning them too often is going to ruin your brushes more quickly. But I personally would rather the lifespan of my brushes be diminished than put a bunch of bacteria and other nasties on my face.

Deep cleaning means a more thorough cleansing of your brushes and to do this, I use Johnson's Baby Shampoo.

I put a small amount in the palm of my hand, dampen the brush under some running water (unless it's a kabuki), and move the brush in circular motions with the shampoo. I then rinse the brush under the tap, ensuring all of the product has been removed. Depending on how dirty the brush is, I do this up to three times.

Spot cleaning is a lighter cleanse. It doesn't really clean the brush; it just gets rid of product. To spot clean, I use MAC's Brush Cleaner. I don't ever spot clean my face brushes, so I only use this for my eye brushes.

I take a tissue and soak an area with the brush cleaner. Similar to deep cleaning, I take my brush and move it in circular motions on the tissue. Again, depending on how much product is already on the brush, I do this three or four times.

I have read that some people don't like using baby shampoo because it leaves a film on their brushes but I don't have a problem with this. There is a slight fragrance on my brushes but it is not irritating to my skin and I think that baby shampoo is a cheap option that lasts a for months and gets the job done. I've been using the MAC cleaner since the beginning of the year but I don't use it as much as the shampoo. You can get it for $20 from MAC stores, Myer, David Jones, or online.

What do you wash your brushes with?