Chemist Warehouse Cosmetics Haul


If you live in Australia, you're probably already aware that cosmetics here are not cheap compared to the US, for example. I don't know about you but I like to take advantage of sales for this very reason. Yes, this can mean that you go for months without that groovy coral lipstick you so desperately want. As a student, however, I'm a big believer in being patient, waiting for sales, and subsequently saving money.

The sale I took advantage of this month was Chemist Warehouse's half price cosmetics sale. Without further ado, these are all the goodies I bought, and the colours all link together: total coincidence.

Rimmel Apocalips 102 Nova $7.97
I bought this because I adore this range and pink lips look really good against my skintone but for some reason I didn't get a pink when they first came out. You can read my review here.
Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick Matte 001 Nude Attitude $10.98
I have been searching like crazy for a nude lipstick. MAC seems to be the only brand that carries decent nude lipsticks in terms of colour but I really don't fancy paying $36 at this point in time. Since I am big fan of Revlon's lipsticks, I found this one which seems a little bit similar to MAC's Myth, so I thought I would give it a go.
Maybelline Colour Sensational Vivids 900 Pink Pop $8.48
Again, I love pink on my lips and thought this was a really nice, bright, summery pink. I can't wait to wear it!
Maybelline Colour Tattoo 20 Painted Purple $5.97
Maybelline Colour Tattoo 45 Bold Gold $5.97
Maybelline Colour Tattoo 55 Inked in Pink $5.97
I got these because they have been out for ages and I have always been curious about them. Plus the colours are stunning.
Maybelline The Falsies Everlasting Mascara $9.63
I've been using my sample Estee Lauder mascara for about a year now. I know, I know. You're meant to chuck out mascara after three months of use. But news flash people, this is what cosmetics companies tell you to do so you end up spending more money. Anyway...even with an expensive mascara, I've been having trouble with flaking and/or smudging which is really annoying. Falsies claims to be waterproof, smudge-proof and flake-proof. It'll be interesting to see if it lives up to its claims.
Sally Hansen Lustre Shine 004 Azure $4.97
Sally Hansen Lustre Shine 002 Gilt $4.97
Chrome nail polish (I think that's what these are?) looks stunning. It's seriously the coolest thing in the world.
Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure 560 Kook A Mango $7.47
Another colour that I thought would be great for Summer.
TOTAL: $72.38

I wish cosmetics were always this cheap; a girl can dream...

I will definitely have swatches/reviews of these some time in future.

This sale is still going. So, what are you waiting for, ladies? Get to your nearest CH or shop online.