Tools Of The Trade - Brushes For The Face


Well, here we are! My first post.

I thought I would start with my brush collection for the face, and I will do another post with brushes for the eyes some time in the future. I will also do a separate post on how I clean my brushes.

Having only really gotten into makeup in the last few years, I haven't used too many other brushes aside from the Sigma brand. I previously only had two foundation brushes from Priceline and Big W, and some no-name eye brushes. But once I became seriously interested in makeup, I figured I needed some really good brushes. I can't remember how I found out about Sigma - probably from one of the many beauty gurus I follow on social media. Anyway, I got the Essential Kit for $98.00 for Christmas last year and I was impressed from my first makeup application.

Sigma F60 Foundation - $16.00
With a slightly tapered finish, this brush is for smooth foundation application, and can be used to apply liquid and cream products. I use this brush almost every time I apply my liquid foundation. It blends really well and doesn't leave lines or streaks of foundation on your face like some other foundation brushes do. Because I like to buff my foundation into my skin and have a slightly airbrushed finish, I tend to use the end of the brush, moving it in circular motions around my face rather than smoothing the foundation with the flat side of the brush. You can buy this brush here.
Sigma F50 Duo Fibre - $20.00
If you are looking for an airbrushed finish then this is the brush for you. It can be used with powder, liquid and cream products. I don't use this brush a lot and have only used it with liquid foundation. I mainly use it for the night time or a special occasion when I want my skin to look airbrushed and flawless - and that is really what this brush does. Like the foundation brush, it blends really well and I move it in circular motions around my face to buff the product into my skin. It's a truly terrific brush which you can buy here.
Sigma F70 Concealer - $10.00
The concealer brush is a small and slightly tapered brush used to conceal small areas. For me, this has many different functions: I use it to conceal around my eyes, to cover up spots and marks and to highlight my chin, nose and forehead with concealer. I'm afraid that mine has gotten slightly out of shape and no matter how hard I try to straighten it out, it just won't go back to its lovely rounded point. Regardless, it still does its job and you can buy it here.
Sigma F40 Large Angled Contour - $16.00
As the name suggests, it is an angled brush with soft and rounded edges for subtly contouring the cheekbone as well as applying blush. You can, however, definitely build the colour to your desired intensity. I use this brush to contour my cheekbones with bronzer. I don't use a blush because I haven't found one that doesn't break me out. Instead, I lightly dust the same bronzer on the apples of my cheeks. The build-ability this brush provides means I don't end up looking like some orange freak. I also love that it doesn't move my foundation and/or concealer when applying product. You can buy this brush here.
Sigma F30 Large Powder - $21.00
This is a large and soft rounded brush for even powder application onto the face and body. Presumably, this is meant for setting powder, which I don't use. But I do need some bronzer on my neck and décolletage as my foundation is a little dark for my skin tone, and this is where the F30 comes into play. I also sometimes use this to apply bronzer to the apples of my cheeks instead of the contouring brush because the product is more evenly applied. You can buy this brush here.
Sigma F88 Flat Angled Kabuki - $18.00
With a soft and angled head, the F88 blends foundation into hard-to-reach places on the face. I bought this and the P88 (below) about a month ago because I had never tried a kabuki brush before and had seen a few MUAs use them in their YouTube videos to create a flawless face. This brush definitely does just that. I use it to apply both my liquid foundation and concealer around my eyes. Let me tell you, it is so great being able to use just one brush, especially on those mornings when you're pressed for time. I am thrilled with how it applies my foundation. I barely even need concealer, only requiring it to highlight. You can buy this brush here.
Sigma P88 Precision Flat Angled - $16.00
The P88 is a small and dense brush with a flat angled head to apply concealer precisely on the face, particular around the nose and eyes. This brush is a dream to use. It's effectiveness is not limited to the nose and eyes areas: it works well anywhere. It blends seamlessly and much better than the concealer brush, in my opinion. Upon my first use, I thought it was soaking up a lot of the product but this is not the case; it's just how it appears on the brush. You can buy this brush here.

If there is one message to take away from this post, this is it: you don't need to spend a lot of money to get decent brushes. These brushes are good quality, and won't cost you an arm and a leg. Also remember that the no-names can and often do work just as well as the high-end brands.

I haven't had too much trouble with shedding. I have heard of (rare) occasions where shedding has been pretty bad but Sigma are usually happy to replace dodgy brushes. The only thing is, I presume you'd have to pay for shipping to return the brush.

Nonetheless, I love how Sigma brushes apply my makeup and I certainly recommend them.

If you live in Australia, you might want to check out Redefining Beauty who is an authorised Sigma retailer.

What are your favourite makeup brushes? Do you use any other cheap or no-name brushes?