Rimmel London Apocalips Lip Lacquer


I have never really been a fan of Rimmel London but now, as a beauty blogger, I feel that I need to expand brand-wise. And, after hearing so many others say how great these are, I thought I would give them a try. After testing each and every colour, I chose these three: 600 Nude Eclipse, 701 Stargazer and 501 Stellar. I got them for half price at Priceline and they were $7.97 each. These babies are described as a long lasting ultra-comfortable lacquered liquid lipstick formula with the intense rich colour of a lipstick enhanced by a satin smooth shine.
600 Nude Eclipse
I have been looking for the perfect nude lipstick/stain/gloss/anything for ages because you always need a natural lip when wearing a dramatic eye. This one certainly comes close. My first thought was that the colour looked a bit dead on me but I think that's because I'm so used to colour on my pout. Now that I'm used to it, I actually really like it. It doesn't make your lips look freakishly colourless, and I think it's quite a warm nude. 
701 Stargazer
This one is pretty true to its name, I think. I am very impressed with the colour: it's filled with gold glitter flecks and makes your lips sparkle. It is simply fabulous and like no other colour I own! I wouldn't say it is completely opaque like a lipstick colour but layering it can give you the intensity you desire, and will make it the star of your look (pun intended). Even though it looks great on its own, I reckon a light layer would also look terrific over a red or vibrant pink.
501 Stellar
Stellar is a really bright red with pink undertones. It is quite opaque and a little goes a long way. It is a very bold colour, so it would pair well with a natural eye. I've worn it with a heavier eye but tend to skip on eyeliner on the lid when I do so. (Remember bold eye means a light lip and a bold lip means a light eye.) This is a stunning colour and my favourite of the three. 
Left to right: 600 Nude Eclipse, 701 Stargazer, 501 Stellar

I am a big fan of the formula. It is very smooth and creamy but not too sticky like some glosses are. I just wish they were more hydrating. These lacquers are quite scented; for me, it's not off-putting but for others it may be. What I really love is that what comes out on the applicator on the first go is more than enough to cover your lips.

Although they may have the intensity of a lipstick, they certainly don't have the staying power of one: they last for as long as until you decide to eat or drink. So, unless you don't mind going to the bathroom for touch-ups, these lip lacquers may not be for you. They might last longer if you blot your lips on a tissue but then you lose that gorgeous satin finish. 

Overall, I really like them and would purchase them again if I could afford to do so. The colour range is really clever as there is something to suit everyone: there are options for both bold and more subtle shades.

What are your favourite Apocalips colours?