Oversized Bag From Target


As soon as I saw this bag in the Oh My Gok Target catalogue, I thought "I need that bag". Made from faux leather with a striped interior, it also comes in black and white, and yellow. It is priced at $40, which I think is reasonable considering other items that Gok loves at Target, such as tops, skirts and dresses, were ridiculously overpriced. Incorporating someone like Gok Wan into Target's marketing campaign may mean the clothes are pretty but the price tags certainly are not. It's definitely not very affordable for, say, the university student like myself who doesn't have a lot of cash but loves an extensive wardrobe.

Anyway, back to the bag... It also comes with a detachable extendable strap, which means you have the option of putting the bag over your shoulder while the pre-existing ones allow you to hold it on your wrist.
It will be interesting to see how long it lasts for the price. It seems like a good quality bag but I haven't had much luck with bags lately. For me, they tend to break after a few years, sometimes even months, with regular use. I broke two last semester alone, one of which had already been fixed a few months before, causing me to switch between my smaller Kate Hill bag and mum's black tote from a store called Young Urban.

As a student, durability and space is very important. It looked bigger in the catalogue but is still a good size in real life. It's a strange shape: sort of like a trapezium which could potentially be problematic (but not impossible) for getting things like laptops and notebooks in and out depending on their size. You can surely fit a lot in there though. I am able to fit my ipad, my ipad stand and keyboard, my folder, my wallet, my umbrella and my lunch without any trouble zipping it up.

It's a very summery colour but I'll definitely be using this bag to brighten up a miserable and gloomy winter's day. For someone who is very into black, I'm trying to get into colour and I think starting with bags and accessories is a good a place to start.

How do you incorporate colour into your looks?