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Lip, Hand & Nail Care


There is nothing I hate more than dry hands, dry cuticles and dry lips. Any and all of these things look horrible and make me incredibly self-conscious, particularly dry hands which I am quite prone to as the result of sensitive skin. So, I thought I would share three products that I use and adore which tackle dryness.

Oversized Bag From Target


Garnier BB Cream


Tools Of The Trade - Brushes For The Face


Well, here we are! My first post.

I thought I would start with my brush collection for the face, and I will do another post with brushes for the eyes some time in the future. I will also do a separate post on how I clean my brushes.

Having only really gotten into makeup in the last few years, I haven't used too many other brushes aside from the Sigma brand. I previously only had two foundation brushes from Priceline and Big W, and some no-name eye brushes. But once I became seriously interested in makeup, I figured I needed some really good brushes. I can't remember how I found out about Sigma - probably from one of the many beauty gurus I follow on social media. Anyway, I got the Essential Kit for $98.00 for Christmas last year and I was impressed from my first makeup application.